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About the Proyect

A collection made up of 200 unique and unrepeatable NFTs, created by my hand and that of my digital Illustrator. I introduce myself I am Elitis_R, designer and digital artist, creator of different types of arts, debuting in the Crypto world with this great project. The NFTs will be progressively undermined, you can see a preview on OpenSea, Twitter and the Discord channel, be aware of social networks to see the updates and the publication date of different NFt’s. These Nft’s are on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721.

The main project is to create a Museum where different types of works will be exhibited in NFT’s, this will be included in the well-known Metaverse, a different way of exhibiting appreciating art with unique interactions. In this unique museum what I have named as Digital Architecture will be implemented, a preview is expected soon, in addition to including real history, from different times, housing different items of NFT games for exhibition and if its owner decides to put them on sale there you can find them.



200 NFT´s


NFT MInated


NFT Total


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RoadMap 2022

Phase 01

In this phase, a total of 200 NFTs will be mined, they will be published every Tuesday and Friday at 00:00 UTC, they will be published on the different platforms, each time a new NFT comes out you will be able to see the preview in OpenSea.

Phase 02

In this part of the way we will be working on a 3D museum that will be included in the metaverses so that users have a great experience, in exhibitions of different collections of NFT’s and events that will take place in it.

5 NFTs will be put up for auction from the 15th of each month and will conclude at the end of each month.

10% of the proceeds from the sale of each NFT will be donated to different charities, the process of said donations will be published on social networks.

Phase 02

For this part of the way, the museum must already be working and exhibiting various works and mechanics within it.

Our team


Digital Artist - CEO

Cesar Gamboa

Architect - Desinger - Digital Artist
Architect - Digital Artist
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