About Strange collection by E_R

A collection consisting of 100 unique and unrepeatable NFTs, created by my hand. I introduce myself I am Elitis_R, designer and digital artist, creator of different types of art, debuting in the crypto world with this collection, the NFTs will be progressively mined, you can see the preview on Opensea, Twitter and on Discord, stay tuned on the channels to that you look for your favorite and its public sale date. These NFTs will go out in auction mode, the Nfts are on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721. Art in its various facets, of spontaneous ideas that I wish to express with a theme or a theme in general. The use of different programs in this collection is essential to create these images, within it there is 3d modeling to deepen this art that I call my own, my personal touch. Each of these NFTs is a fundamental part of me …

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